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Is iTrace for me?

Sleeping on the Job

Sleeping on the job...

Is my Teenager Safe?

Speeding teenager...


Installer Locations

Let's clarify...

iTrace is the best kept secret of the GPS Service Industry in South Africa.

We are not like Matrix, Netstar, Tracker, Cartrack or C-Track, etc; they are not our competitors and can be found by clicking on their name.

(The names listed above are expressly the ownership/copyright of the associated company and are in no way affiliated with iTrace.)

Practical Applications

A brief overview...

Real-time Tracking

Our power is in our simplicity. We give you free mobile apps loaded with just the right functionality to give you full control over your assets, be it you family car or your family itself... As if that's not enough, you can track from your computer, too!

Logbooks - How will you use yours?


SARS Compliant Logbooks


Claim Travel Costs


Proof of work p/h & p/km

When it comes to recording your vehicle's movements, whether for SARS returns on business mileage, improving efficiency through multiple effects of using such a system or you're just spying on your teenagers and possibly your spouse - iTrace will help.

Think of it this way: In this day and age, one doesn't bank online at an internet café, or browse the net without an antivirus... Your transport is just as valuable - secure it.

Fleet Management

We guarantee that you will save money. Money saved is money earned.

Using iTrace, you can observe and manage company drivers in real-time, enabling the fast redirection of personnal and superior trip planning, reducing vehicle associated costs (such as fuel and mileage related wear and tear) and increasing staff productivity as your employees become "self-policing."

*Subject to iTrace Terms and conditions

Online Shop
iTrace offerings are created as all-inclusive bundles, i.e. GSM SIM card, data costs incurred by the SIM, and of course, the iTrace Pro Service - a collection of features itself.

, competitor pricing that exclude additional requirements such as a tracking system application, SIM card, SMS / data costs and support, etc...

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